Monday, February 18, 2013

The face in my cake

“You cannot go on being a good egg forever. You must either hatch or rot." -- C.S. Lewis

Egg face 2-18-13
Or ... get whisked and baked into a Funfetti cake! Which is exactly what happened to these three eggs, which formed a smiley face in the bottom of my generations-old enameled mixing bowl. I love the matrix of scratch lines, like pencil sketch marks, all round its inside. They are marks made by me, my mother, my grandmother, my great grandmother. With forks, whisks, electric beaters ... we've all added our lines to the stories this bowl could tell.

As for the eggs, they come to me weekly from a friendly acquaintance who keeps chickens, because she grew up on a farm and likes having chickens around. But she doesn't like eggs. So she gives them away.

Lucky me!

She even plants a garden just for the chickens, so they eat nothing but fresh grown goodness. They are happy, happy, free range chickens. No wonder their eggs made a smiley face!