Friday, January 25, 2013

Face time

 This face makes me think of phrases like "Rise and shine!" and "Bright and early!" and "Let's get crackin'!" It reminds me of morning, and sunshine streaming through the kitchen window, and good breakfasts, and my grandma, who lived to be 102, and having nothing more pressing to do than watch time slip through a narrow glass passage, one grain at a time. Over and over and over.

Egg timer 1-25-13
Egg timer 2, 1-25-13
 I used to play with this hourglass (if it only lasts 1 minute is it still an hourglass?) at my grandma's house. It's an egg timer, I think, and it must have come from Florida, a souvenir from one of her many winters spent there. I'm pretty certain the wooden, hand-painted faces are meant to be oranges. I have tested this old-school timer's accuracy against a digital stopwatch, and I'll be darned if the white sandy granules don't peter out at exactly 60 seconds. Every time. And it's so much cuter than a digital stopwatch. Sure, a watch has a "face," but can a digital stopwatch shrug it's shoulders and look this adorably rascally? I don't think so.

P.S. Soft boiled eggs. Yum.