Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The me in the moon

I'm a Cancerian, which means I am ruled by the moon. Sometimes I wax. Sometimes I wane. Sometimes I feel full and luminous. And other times I feel only half there, or barely there at all -- the thinnest, sharpest sliver of my full self.

Self portrait 1-30-13

Cancer is a perplexing sign to abide by with its constant tidelike tug and pull against my moods and emotions. It definitely keeps it interesting, if not always easy.

I've seen my fair share of the moon lately.  We keep company late at night when we're both wide awake -- Moon snuggled in his blanket of stars and cloud pillows, his face beaming, and me on my makeshift blow-up air bed in self-imposed "insomnia camp," where I can toss and turn the sleepless nights away without bothering the sound slumbering log sawyers upstairs.

Goodnight, Moon.