Friday, January 11, 2013

Left behind

As much as I enjoy digital and other forms of photography, sometimes my artistic appetite craves something a little chewier. Digital photographs are immediate. There is instant gratification. If I don't want the image I just captured, I can easily shoot another, and another, and another -- until there are literally hundreds to choose  from. Today's face is from a linoleum block print that I carved of my face. Carving a linoleum block takes time (this block took me about 3 hours), and therefore patience. You can't rush it. But you can absolutely get lost in the satisfying sort of violence of meticulously gouging away each individual curled bit of unnecessary material until the printing surface is cleanly released. Block prints are all about what is taken away. The printed image is made from what gets left behind. There is only one shot at getting the image right. And be prepared to bleed. I cut myself twice carving the block for this print. It was totally worth it.

Lino block self portrait 1-11-13