Thursday, August 15, 2013

Di dreaded alpaca-lypse, Mon.

"Trust the universe and respect your hair."

-- Bob Marley

Alpaca face 8-15-13

"I couldn't imagine those black ropes on their heads were hair ... 
natural hair to which nothing was added, not even brushing ... 
I wondered what such hair felt like, smelled like. 
What a person dreamed about at night, 
with hair like that spreading across the pillow."

-- Alice Walker, "Dreads," 
(from Dreads, by Francesco Mastalia and Alfonse Pagano)

Alpaca face (2) 8-15-13

Alpaca face (3) 8-15-13

"I can just imagine 
what the humidity 
has done to my hair.
I'm going to meet 
your family 
looking like a poodle 
with a live wire 
shoved up its butt."

-- Kelley Armstrong, Industrial Magic

These alpacas live on a little farm that I drive past pretty regularly.
I have been meaning to stop and photograph them, but I keep forgetting to toss the camera in the car.

These animals are pretty unusual looking, especially when they're freshly sheared.
With their body hair shaved to the nub, and the hair on their heads left long and shaggy -- like dreadlocks -- their look is kind of "rastafarian ridiculous."

I just adore their faces.