Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bird's eye view

"If you buy an egg thinking it's a goose's egg, 
and when it hatches it is actually a bird of paradise,
no manner of convincing and reproach will turn the bird of paradise into a goose.
Even if you make it go to goose church and goose school 
and eat goose feeds and only hang out with geese! 
In the end, it will still belong to paradise."

-- C. Joybell C.

Self portrait 8-28-13

"You cannot prevent the birds of sadness from passing over your head,
but you can prevent their making a nest in your hair."

-- Chinese proverb

Self portrait (2) 8-28-13

Welcome to "Fun With Feathers!" at A Face A Day 2013!

I had this cheap little Mardi Gras mask in my costume stuff for a long time, but every time I tried to use it, I put it back in the box. It wasn't special enough or something.

I got it out again for this self portrait, but this time I painted myself red first, then plucked the mask of its feathers, rearranged them and glued them directly onto my face.

Somehow, the paper backing with its little elastic strap was the problem. It was the thing that stood between the mask looking fake and "put-on," and looking like I really had feathers on my face.

Plus, I have a whole bottle of spirit gum, so why not use it for more than just mustaches?

While I was shooting these portraits I had a strong urge to go someplace public with my paint and feathers still on. Like, maybe stroll into Starbucks and calmly order a triple decaf espresso, pay for it, sit there and drink it, then calmly stroll out.

It wouldn't hurt anybody.

If it was Halloween and I did that, nobody would think twice. They'd be all like, "Oh, cool, she's wearing her Halloween costume in Starbucks on Halloween." It would make sense. Or if I lived in L.A., nobody would think twice. They'd be all like, "Oh, cool, she's wearing her paint and feathers in Starbucks on a Tuesday." It might still make sense.

But I live in Small Town Ohio.
And it isn't Halloween.
It's the ass end of August.
The closest holiday is Labor Day.

So I shot the photos, removed the feathers (I also have a whole bottle of spirit gum remover), cold creamed the paint off, took a shower and watched the red remnants of my short life as a bird slosh around in the suds at my feet and then swirl down the drain.