Thursday, August 29, 2013

Letters of intent

"The letters are mixed up.
U and I should be together."

-- Jodi Picoult, Salem Falls

"Face" in rubber stamp letters 8-29-13

"Venerable are letters, infinitely brave, forlorn, and lost."

-- Virginia Woolf, Jacob's Room

Self portrait 8-29-13

"The prettiest little squiggles of black looked at in the right light
and yet consider the blow they can give you upon the heart."

-- H.G. Wells, The History of Mr. Polly

Self portrait (2) 8-29-13

"They could read it 
on each other, 
their faces 
wrinkled pages ...
She was made 
of letters then, 
as all of us 
are now."

-- Brian Francis Slattery, 
Lost Everything