Saturday, November 23, 2013

Who the f*** you callin' Sylvia?

"I love you more than I love goats, 
and you know how I feel about goats."

-- James Patterson, The Christmas Wedding

Goat face 11-23-13

"A close family member once offered his opinion 
that I exhibit the phone manners of a goat,
then promptly withdrew the charge -- 
out of fairness to goats."

-- Jeffrey Kluger

Goat, 11-23-13

Marshall Eriksen:  
"We can't keep a goat."

Lily Aldrin:  
"But she's so cute and fuzzy and soft."

Marshall Eriksen:  
"Yeah, and it also sheds, eats garbage and can't control it's bowel movements.
Why don't we just call Duluth Mental Hospital and say my Uncle Linus can live with us?"

-- How I Met Your Mother, ("The Goat")

This is the goat who lives on the farm, who lives with the standoffish sheep, who lives with the curious cat, who lives with the chickens.

That swallowed the spider,

That swallowed the fly,

I don't know why.